Instruction for authors

Areas of interest

Research papers and reviews within the whole field of water, under various aspects of resources management, everyday use for human needs, agriculture, industry and transport, hydraulic public works, including environmental impact and the study of natural phenomena related to hydrology, meteorology, flood, low flows and drought as well as fluid mechanics, hydraulic machinery, multiphase flows, microfluidics ...
Readers are Academics, Researchers, Engineers and technical services from Industry or Administrations.

Types of papers

The material should not have been previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere. Top-level original and review papers as well as short communications are accepted.
Review articles should cover subjects falling within the Aims and scope of the journal.

Peer Review Committee

The papers are reviewed by at least two reviewers and the Editorial Board decides on the publication and its conditions. If revisions are recommended by the reviewers, authors are expected to make the appropriate revisions within the deadline recommended. Revised manuscripts will be reviewed a second time. We cannot guarantee the total delay before publication.

Style and Structure

Manuscripts should be submitted online in French or English, with both French and English title, abstract and key words.

The abstract in the language that is not the language of the full paper should have to be more extensive.

Final paper will have to strictly comply with the template file (to be downloaded here). Particular attention will be given to the quality of figures and legends, as well as references.

Figures will be published in color on the digital version, as well as on paper.

A pdf proof file will be sent by Email to the corresponding author, to check the final presentation.

Corrections should be restricted to edition errors; no text correction will be allowed.
They should be returned within 48 hours.

Article length

Research papers should not exceed 10 pages (50 000 characters, figures included).
Longer articles may be accepted with partial funding from authors.
Short communications/Technical notes should not exceed 4 pages (20 000 characters).


The Copyright Transfer Statement form should be sent upon receipt of notification of acceptance of the article.

Access to full papers

The journal do not practice open access publishing, however articles can be published in Open Access with authors funding.