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La Houille Blanche
Number 7-8, Décembre 2000
Page(s) 89 - 92
Published online 01 July 2009
La Houille Blanche, N°7-8 (Décembre 2000), pp. 89-92
DOI: 10.1051/lhb/2000080

Pollution des eaux souterraines par les hydrocarbures aromatiques polycycliques et évaluation du risque

M. Jarjoui1, A. Geahchan1, E. Boutros1 et A. Abou-Kaïs2

1  Université Libanaise, CNRS, Fanar, Liban
2  Université du Littoral, Dunkerque, France

Abstract - Groundwater pollution by polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons and risk evaluation
The pollution of groundwater by polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAR's) represents an important problem, especially some of these pollutants have a carcinogen activity. The investigation and the analysis of several series of samples have been measured by Chromatography (HPLC and GC-MS). A high level of pollution by PAR's has been observed, as well as the nature of their derivatives has been investigated and discussed.

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