EDP Sciences Journals List
Issue La Houille Blanche
Number 5, Octobre 2007
Page(s) 127 - 131
Section Mécanique des fluides : Potentiels de vitesses
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1051/lhb:2007072
Published online 31 October 2007

La Houille Blanche, N°5 (Octobre 2007), pp. 127-131
DOI: 10.1051/lhb:2007072

Le Potentiel de vitesse pour les écoulements de fluides réels : la contribution de Joseph-Louis Lagrange

Hubert Chanson

Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Queensland, Brisbane QLD 4072, Australie

(Publié en ligne le 31 octobre 2007)

Abstract - Velocity Potential in Real Fluid Flows : Joseph-Louis Lagrange's Contribution
Today the concept of "potential flow" is too often associated, wrongly, with the notion of ideal, hence inviscid fluid. Herein the original development of Joseph-Louis LAGRANGE is presented. He introduced the velocity potential for real fluid flows, provided that the resultant of the forces derives from a potential. In the same article, LAGRANGE also presented the concept of stream function and the equation of the celerity of a small disturbance in shallow-water. LAGRANGE made an outstanding contribution in 1781 and he was truly ahead of his time.

Key words: Velocity potential / Irrotational flow motion / Real fluids / Joseph-Louis LAGRANGE / Stream function / Wave celerity.

Corresponding author: h.chanson@uq.edu.au

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