La Houille Blanche
Number 3, Juin 2008
Page(s) 74 - 81
Section Gestion active des eaux - Paris, 12-13 juin 2007
Published online 10 July 2008
La Houille Blanche, N°3 (Juin 2008), pp. 74-81
DOI: 10.1051/lhb:2008031

Face à la sécheresse et à la pénurie d'eau, quelles mesures pour ajuster la demande agricole à l'offre de ressource en eau ?

Philippe Debaeke1 et Jean-Pierre Amigues2

1  INRA, UMR AGIR BP 52627, F - 31326 Castanet-Tolosan
2  INRA, UMR LERNA Manufacture des Tabacs, 21 allée de Brienne, F - 31000 Toulouse

Publié en ligne le 10 juillet 2008

Abstract - How to fit agricultural demand to resource availability facing drought and irrigation water shortage ?
Since 2003, Center-West and South-West of France are regularly affected by drought events (either edaphic or hydrologic) with dramatic consequences on yield, irrigation water use and farmer's net income.To cope with drought and irrigation water shortage, different strategies are available : (i) fitting water offer to agricultural demand through the mobilisation of new resources ; (ii) fitting water demand to resource offer by genetic, agronomic, regulatory, and socio-economic measures ; (iii) developing local and participative water management programs ; (iv) compensating production or income losses through public subsidies or private insurance systems.In this communication, we present some conclusions drawn from the recent scientific joint expertise conducted by INRA on "Drought and Agriculture" in 2006. Case studies from Poitou-Charentes and Midi-Pyrénées regions were selected.

Key words: demande en eau / irrigation / Sécheresse / économie d'eau / expertise scientifique collective

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